Days of Hearts – Collection

Fundraisers belong to our long-time, traditional and very popular projects to which we have dedicated ourselves ever since our foundation and they are presented and publicized as „Days of Hearts“.

The fundraiser „Days of Hearts“ came into public awareness as a charitable event, which takes place three times a year – in spring, autumn and winter. There is always a surprise for people on the streets approached by high school students, who offer them gift items with a smiling sun, which is our symbol for good luck and also our logo.

You can read the stories of children who you can help HERE. (link and text is being prepared)

Previews of visuals from recent collections

Proceeds from the collections are used largely for the purchase of medical equipment, wheelchairs, pushchairs, reimbursement of treatment supplies, curative rehabilitation for seriously ill children who are permanently dependent on home care of their parents and also to purchase other necessary equipment for the children’s wards of hospitals, clinics and other facilities caring for sick and disabled children. Proceeds from the winter collection project go to support education each year.




Heart For Children – Collection

„Heart for Children“ is a beautiful project, which helps severely sick and disabled children in the Czech Republic obtain necessary funds to pay for costs of their treatment, medical equipment and other things needed for their recovery and improvement of quality of their life.

The project is realized in cooperation with us, Life for Children, and other companies and media, who are providing extensive publication of this project across the Czech Republic.


Who is the project helping?

It is directly supporting children who were affected by disease or injury; children without families etc. Raised funds are donated to the children whom health insurance companies and other government institutions aren’t willing to or able to help.

Campaigns taking place under this project:

Lidl a Život dětem o.p.s. společně dětem (Lidl & Life for Children, together for children)
Christmas Tree – Heart for Children

Who can apply for help from us?

The parents, family members or others involved who’d like to help their children.

How to contact us?

You can send letters describing problems of specific children to this address:
Company: Život Dětem o.p.s.
Street address: Lindnerova 6
Postal code: 180 00
City: Praha 8

You may also use this email address:

How can you help?

You can send any amount of money to Life For Children’s bank account 83297339/0800, variable symbol 1234, or contribute by sending a mobile donation on your phone: send an SMS message with „DMS SRDCEPRODETI“ to the number 87777 (each mobile donation costs 30 CZK, the recipient receives 28.50 CZK – the provider of this service is the Czech Donors Forum).Přehled zrealizované pomoci




Afternoon Fun for Children and Adults!

Afternoon Fun for Children and Adults! is an annual event that we do in order to start of our autumn nationwide fund-raising event, Days of Hearts.

This beautiful event is organized with the support of many celebrities who come to please the public with their acting and singing performances and thereby help and support this project. During the event, children and adults receive a variety of pleasant surprises, gifts, see various performances, play games, attend competitions and also have the opportunity to see our new collection of items that we sell in order to collect money for children in need.

Overview of individual events

Fourth year
September 14, 2016
Náměstí Míru,

vizual rocniku 3, 2015

Third year
September 16, 2015
Náměstí Míru,

Second year
September 17, 2014
Náměstí Míru,


First year
September 15, 2013
Náměstí Republiky,



Give My Heart to Children with Czech Post

„Dávám srdce dětem“ (Give my heart to children) is a project that goes on throughout the whole year and it is realized with the kind support of the Czech Post. The aim of this beautiful project is to raise funds to help seriously ill children in the home care of their parents. The project was launched August 1, 2012 and runs at 3000 Czech post offices via the sale of charitable labels at the price of 30 crowns.

Stickers are labeled with the name of the project „Dávám srdce dětem“ and are available in Czech post offices at the counter, where you will also see a leaflet with project announcements. Leaflets can be placed at other locations on the premises of individual branches. Children with mucopolysaccharidosis, muscle atrophy and dystrophy, autism, short bowel syndrome, esophageal atresia, EB-illnessess and a disease called „butterfly wings“ and children with cancer and multiple disabilities are waiting for help paid for with the proceeds.

Total sum collected during the project at the counters of the Czech Post in 2016 was 1,994,255.00 CZK. Thank you very much!

2 roky

8 let

4 roky

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Škoda Auto Czech Republic

We are pleased to say that Life for Children was chosen by the employees of manufacturing plants Škoda Auto Czech Republic as a partner for their Employee fund-raiser in years 2014 and 2015.

Total funds raised, which come from a part of the employee salaries, will be dedicated to help individual ill children.

sbirka-skodaauto-projekt-nahledy1aHP-banner145x100skodaodborykovomb-logo  sbirka-skodaauto-projekt-nahledy1b

Škoda Auto increases the amount donated by the employees by 80%.

Employees of Škoda Auto have chosen who they would like to help themselves and they chose out of 244 proposed projects. 16 projects reached the finals and in secret ballot each employee could then choose their favorites. The voting was attended by 12,166 employees.

Employees of Škoda Auto chose to help the following charities: People in Need, Linka bezpečí, Helppes, PBO Bezpečně na silnicích and us, PBO Life For Children.

We very much appreciate how confident the employees from Škoda Auto feel about our company, and we are pleased that we can help sick children together in 2014 and 2015.


Carlsbad Mineral Water

We would like to thank Carlsbad Mineral Water for deciding to help little Elizabeth with her illness – Epidermolysis bullosa, also called the “Butterfly children” disease.aquila-logo-webStory of little Elizabeth

Little Elizabeth was born in Sokolov in May this year. Immediately after her birth, she was transported to a hospital in Pilsen, because her right leg had a big blister. It was from the knees to the instep. Doctors have expressed suspicion of Epidermolysis bullosa. The little girl spent seven days in the hospital with her mother. When their suspicions were confirmed, she and her mother were transported to a specialized clinic in Brno.

When Elizabeth was a month old, she could go home with her mother. She had to learn how to take care of the little girl, how to re-bandage her and treat the blisters. After a month, they returned to Brno for a check up to learn that their baby girl suffers from a dystrophic form of the disease, which is considered the worst form. Elizabeth is a cute little girl, who, of course, like every baby rubs the feet together and also munches her eyes. This is all very dangerous for her because her skin is very fragile, just like butterfly wings. She tries to climb, but it is a problem for her, because she could scrape knees and blisters would form even more. And so the little girl must be under constant supervision from her mother who re-bandages her four times a week, and so that she won’t hurt herself, Elizabeth has bandaged hands or wears gloves. Elizabeth cannot use a pacifier, because she immediately started developing blisters in her mouth and then she cannot swallow.

Elizabeth needs treating material that is expensive and insurance does not cover it entirely. Of course she needs a large amount of it and often. As she grows, she will need more and more of it. Thanks to all who choose to help young Elizabeth!



Heart for Children – TV Broadcast

Since 2009, we have expanded our activities to organizing live broadcasts on television to support children in need.

Since 2010, it has become a joint project of us, Life for Children, TV Prima and publisher Ringier Axel Springer Inc., as well as daily newspaper Blesk and it is called „Heart for Children“. It is a beautiful project that has support of the general public, companies and many kind supporters every year at Christmas.

Overview of TV broadcasts


Heart for Children 2014
Prague Zoo, GOJA
December 28, 2014
On TV Prima


Heart for Children 2013
Municipal House, Prague 
December 15, 2013
On TV Prima


Heart for Children 2012
Municipal House, Prague
December 16, 2012
On TV Prima


Heart for Children 2011
GoJa, Prague 
December 15, 2011
On TV Prima

Take a look at information about previous events. (links are being prepared)


A Little More Is Enough to Help

A Little More Is Enough to Help – even small actions can result in great deeds

„Troška navíc na pomoc stačí“ is an original project directed to help seriously ill children which will appeal to everyone.
The patron and face of the project is a very popular, successful and acclaimed director, a prominent and respected man who people like – Mr. Zdeněk Troška.

This project expresses that even „a little“ is enough to help. We don’t need to spend thousands or hundreds of thousands to help others. Even a little amount help.

(„Troška“, our patron’s last name, translates into “a little” hence the name “Troška navíc na pomoc stačí” which translates into “ A Little More Is Enough to Help ”)

Tento projekt vyjadřuje, že opravdu stačí jen „troška“ k tomu,
abychom pomohli, že nemusíme dávat tisíce a statisíce, ale naopak…

Detailed information about the project in English is being prepared.



Stories of Children

You can choose which child in need you would like to help.

Zdeněček, 3 roky,
dětská mozková obrna
Míša, 2 roky,
vrozená vývojová vada
pribehy-thumb-terezkaTerezka, 4 roky,
dětská mozková obrna
Šimonek, 6 let,
cystická fibróza
Eliška, 5 let,
dětský autismus
pribehy-thumb-matysekMatýsek, 3 roky,
dětská leukémie
Adélka, 7 let,
vrozená vývojová vada
Zoe, 8 měsíců,
spinální muskulární atrofie
pribehy-thumb-davidDavid, 23 let,
nemoc motýlích křídel – EB
Tomášek, 2 roky,
dětská mozková obrna
Elinka, 8 let,



We have started the project “Dejte srdce dětem” (Give Your Heart to the Children) with Travelex Czech Republic, a company that provides foreign exchange services and non-bank purchases, in February 2013. The project involves placing collection boxes, specially prepared for this project, in areas at the Václav Havel Airport in Prague and Rozvadov. Eight sealed up boxes were placed, in which customers can throw contributions to Travelex in any amount and thus help seriously ill children in home care of their parents.

When people travel and visit Václav Havel Airport, they can use the services of Travelex while helping seriously ill children.



Wall Photo Prints

Since 2011, Profimedia became the partner and supporter of Life For Children and they have found a way to contribute to ill children as a part their „Obrazy na míru“ project (Wall Photo Prints – a project that lets you make your own prints for you walls at home or anywhere with a very well made and easy to understand online interface).

About Profimedia

Profimedia is the largest Czech photo bank that provides licenses for usage of photos taken by world‘s best photographers. Without even realizing, you see their images every day. You will find them all around you: in magazines, newspapers, on the internet, in adverts, TV or as photographs on the walls of your favorite restaurant.

It is one of the world‘s largest photo agencies with over 350 world class suppliers of images from all areas: illustration photos, news, celebrities, fashion, food, portraits, paparazzi, historical photos, reports, art, music, film stills. The most prestigious partners of Profimedia are for example AFP, Magnum, or New York Times.

Profimedia introduced a new Internet project called „Obrazy na míru“, as mentioned before, through which you can choose from more than 20,000 original paintings for your interiors. The project offers everyone the opportunity to give a new dimension to their walls. In the spirit of philosophy, the introduction of a positive atmosphere in everyday life, Profimedia exceeded its activities to charity and teamed up with us, Life for Children, and with every order a customer makes on their site, 5 CZK goes to help seriously ill children.

Thank you, Profimedia!


BIP Publishing

BIP Publishing has been collaborating with Life for Children for the third year now. The project titled „Prevence v tajence“ (can be translated as „Prevention in the Solution“) focuses on the prevention of Internet crime, when the child is alone at home and against accidents on the road. The entire publication is created using crossword puzzles, each with preventive enigma and a fairy tale, also with prevention issues. Printouts are regularly disseminated through hospital wards, primary schools and orphanages. In addition, once every quarter of the year BIP Publishing draws winners of a tablet!

Cooperation with Online Shops

Cooperation with online stores is based on sale of our small gifts on their site and direct financial contribution of online shoppers who have an opportunity before the completion of their orders to put one of our gift items to the basket or contribute financially.

In some online stores, ill children get a certain percentage from the sales of the store.

Online shops cooperating with Life For Children



Archive – completed projects

Overview of completed projects will be available HERE.

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