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By placing a banner on your website will help support our work to help sick children.

Here are our banners (We are preparing new banners at the moment)

Right click with your mouse on top of one of the banners and choose „Save Image As…“ to download the banner.

1/ 234×60 Half Banner format
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4/ 250×250 Half Banner format
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We would like to kindly thank you for your help!

If you have any questions regarding the banners and their placement, please send an email with the subject „Life for Children“ and the question to 
Thank you!

Buy A Gift In Our E-shop

Selection of gift items and other products can be found in our



Purchase Gift Items to Help Children

Middle schools, as well as primary school, nursery schools and various types of business can engage in the so-called “Days of Hearts” collection in the form of employee collections.

High schools

High schools engage in the collection by releasing students – volunteers, who offer our products to people on the streets of their respected town on the day of the collection. The students always go in pairs, one of the students takes care of the sealed moneybox and the other student has a PVC bag, which contains gift items (e.g. magnets and paper weight) which they then offer to the people walking by. The amounts of sold items are determined by the size of the city and the number of volunteers. The students also carry informative handouts, which contain detailed information about the projects and activities of Life for Children and also about the goal of the collection. Students are marked with labels with information about their school where they study and their name. At the same time, each pair has a copy of their collection permit.

Primary schools

Primary schools engage in the collection by ordering a certain number of collection items, which they subsequently offer through their teachers to their pupils and their parents. The school receives collection permits and informative leaflets for parents along with the collection items.

Nursery schools

Nursery schools participate in a very similar way to primary schools, with the difference that schools offer the gift items to the parents of the children and the amount related to the demand of the parents is ordered subsequently. Life for Children can arrange for the collection of the funds, however, there is the option of the respected school to deposit collected funds to our collection account at any branch of Česká spořitelna or by bank transfer to this account.


Given that many people spend time at their workplace during the collection, having no chance to purchase the gift items and thus help the sick children, we also offer delivery of the items directly to individual companies and firms. For this to happen, the company finds a volunteer, who will be in charge of the collection and we will communicate with him. Subsequent procedure is the same one as in primary schools and nursery schools. The company orders the collection items that their employees buy directly at their workplace from the volunteer. Funds collected will be sent to us by the company by depositing it on our collection account, with the variable symbol being the TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) also known as IČO in the Czech Republic.

All kind schools and companies, who get involved in the collection, receive a certificate of appreciation with the amount of how much they contributed to help the seriously ill children. Schools and companies can also use this certificate in their promotional materials.

You can find out more detailed information about
how to engage in the collections by calling one of these numbers:

Zdenka Hollerová
High schools and companies in South Moravia, Vysocina, Pardubice, Central Bohemia, South Bohemia and in Prague 3, 4, 7, 8, 9

Lucie Faktorová
Secondary schools and companies in the Moravian-Silesian region, Karlovy Vary, Pilsen, Usti nad Labem and Prague 5, 6, 10

Maria Křepelková
Secondary schools and companies in Liberec, Hradec Kralove, Central Bohemia, Zlin, Olomouc and part of Prague 1, 2


Become a Partner

Given that our nation-wide scope of assistance cannot do without partners, who contribute in its implementation financially or provide important and significant donations and services, we welcome the favor of other benevolent partners who want to work with us to help children in need.

We welcome financial support of our projects and also direct assistance with individual children, hospitals and other facilities caring for sick children and children with disabilities. Media support and assistance in the form of toy donations, rehabilitation aids, services and other equipment donations to potential facilities for families with sicken children, hospitals, children’s homes, care centers for handicapped children, schools is very important to us.

In case you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact us!


From Your Mobile Phone Using „Sejf“

Donations can now be sent to our „vault“ directly from your mobile phone.
More information can be found at


Sending an SMS Donation

Send an SMS donation by sending:

DMS ZIVOTDETEM to number 87777

and help us transform children’s tears into smiles.

You can contribute regularly every month for a year.

If you’d like to do so, send an SMS donation:

DMS ROK ZIVOTDETEM to number 87777

and you will be charged for the amount of 30 CZK for a year every month.

Supporting a good cause could not be easier. Contribute by sending an SMS donation.

You can help sick children by supporting the „Heart for Children“ project. You can do by sending an SMS donation with the following text:

DMS SRDCEPRODETI and send to number 87777


The children’s world needs a lot of love. And you can be real friends of the sick, abandoned and disabled children.

Price of the SMS donation is 30 CZK, the recipient of your help will receive 28.50 CZK. The number is valid for all mobile operators. The SMS donation provider is Donors Forum,



Bank Transfer

You can help sick children

… by sending a one-time or regular contribution to our donation account.

Account number: 83297339/0800

You can support projects to help sick children by sending a one-time or regular contribution to this account number, which collects funds for the organization of various projects Life for Children.

Account number: 87971319/0800

Upon request, we will be very glad to send a deed of gift or gift receipt to all charitable donors.

If necessary, please contact Ms. Zdenka Hollerova.
Phone number: 775 742 260, e-mail:

We thank all donors and our supporters for understanding and their kind help, thanks to which we can help those in need.

Postal Order

You need to fill in a type A postal order with the following information:

Zivot detem, o.p.s.
Lindnerova 6
180 00 Praha 8 – Liben

Name and address of the bank:
Ceská sporitelna, a.s., Jugoslavska 19, Praha 2

Account Number: 83297339/0800

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