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Organizační struktura Život dětem o.p.s.

Život dětem o.p.s., Lindnerova 998/6, 180 00 Praha 8 – Libeň, Czech Republic

Landline: +420 284 840 516-8, fax: +420 284 840 519, e-mail: zivotdetem@zivotdetem.cz

Founders of Life for Children

Anna Strnadová – Chairwoman of the Administrative Board,

Maria Křepelková – Director

  • Anna Strnadová

    Anna Strnadová

    Chairwoman of the Administrative Board and statutory body
    phone: 775 222 424
    landline: 284 840 518

    Anna Strnadová
    Education: Secondary School of Economics – specialized in foreign trade and services.

    After graduating, Anna worked in Germany for two years. After returning, she worked as a manager at an advertising company. Since 1997, she worked as a production and direction assistant in the Czech Television and simultaneously worked in advertisement. In year 2000, she founded an association Life For Children, currently PBO (Public Benefit Organization) Life For Children and worked to gradually make this company bigger to help more sick children. Since mid-2001, she has been exclusively devoted to its management. This work, together with the care of her family is her life’s mission and purpose in life. Has a boy named David (1995).

  • MgA. Maria Křepelková

    MgA. Maria Křepelková

    Director and statutory body
    phone: 603 216 461, 777 853 706
    landline: 284 840 017

    MgA. Maria Křepelková
    Education: Theatre Arts Academy, majored in directing

    For many years she worked in Czech Radio where she wrote and recorded many tales and dramas, also worked at the Radiožurnál station preparing Radioforum, Microforum, Service for businesses and Service for consumers. Filmed reports shows Black Sheep, Klekánice and Reporters. She also wrote stories for theater scene Viola. She is still writing stories for the Czech Radio inspired by fairy folk songs for fairy Budínka and portal ProZeny.cz with processed food tests. Since 2000, she has been dedicated to Life for Children, which she founded together with Anna Strnadová, trying to make this nonprofit organization get recognized and make it a trustworthy company that helps families with seriously ill children. She has two children – Nicholas (1980) and Agnes (1986), a female Leonberger called Aja and George, a Bengal cat.

  • Vlasta Kovářová

    Vlasta Kovářová

    Head of Marketing
    phone: 608 080 870
    landline: 284 840 516

    Vlasta Kovářová
    Education: Grammar school

    She has years of experience in foreign trade and has worked several times as a commercial representative abroad. Between years 1991 and 2001, she worked privately in the field of advertising with related focus on marketing, exhibition and fair activities. She has been working in Life for Children ever since year 2002. She has two daughters and a grandson David (1995).

  • Zdenka Hollerová

    Zdenka Hollerová

    phone: 775 742 260
    landline: 284 840 032

    Zdenka Hollerová
    Education: Secondary school

    After her studies, she joined TV Nova, where she worked as a receptionist at the beginning and gradually worked up to the marketing department. Spending 10 years in total at TV Nova. Since 2004, she worked four years in the endowment fund Kapka naděje (Drop of Hope). In 2008, she joined a distraint company. Given that her work in this sector wasn’t fulfilling and she had a desire to help sick children again, she decided to join Life For Children in year 2010, where she had her wishes fulfilled and most importantly – was able to help really seriously ill, abandoned and disabled children. Zdenka has a small Yorkshire dog.

  • Lucie Faktorová

    Lucie Faktorová

    phone: 777 853 705
    landline: 284 840 114

    Lucie Faktorová
    Education: Secondary Pedagogical School

    Lucie Faktorova was at the founding of Life for Children in year 2000. Following a six year separation from the company, when she worked for Kliment Trade LLC, she came back to work with us again. With maximum effort, she is devoted to helping seriously ill, disabled and abandoned children. She has a son Jaroslav (1996).

  • Miroslava Kostková

    Miroslava Kostková

    Miroslava Kostková
    Education: Secondary School of Economics in Kladno

    Shortly after graduating from the Secondary School of Economics she was on maternity leave, and to take care of their three children. After maternity leave she worked as an administrative assistant at the Czech Post. Since September 2007, she has been working for Life for Children. Miroslava Kostkova is married, has two daughters, a son and two granddaughters.

  • Marie Vrábelová

    Marie Vrábelová

    phone: 731 576 521
    landline: 284 840 114

    Marie Vrabelova
    Education: High School of Education and Social and Legal.

    She used to work as a kindergarten teacher, a professional driver, has been a director at Czech Radio, worked in production, has also worked as an editor and was devoted to helping social groups and minorities. Later worked in SOS association, and consequently at Spotřebitel net. Helping others has always been her calling in life. She has been working at Life for Children since year 2015. She has two daughters and two grandchildren.

Administrative and Supervisory Board

  • Anna Strnadová

    Anna Strnadová

    Chairwoman of the Administrative Board and statutory body
  • Petra Špindlerová

    Petra Špindlerová

    Member of the Administrative Board
  • Magdalena Reifová

    Magdalena Reifová

    Member of the Administrative Board
  • Marcela Diopová

    Marcela Diopová

    Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board
  • Martin Sládek

    Martin Sládek

    Member of the Supervisory Board
  • Lenka Krupanská

    Lenka Krupanská

    Member of the Supervisory Board